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Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9am—6pm
Thursday 9am —8pm
Saturday 9am—2pm

Located on the second level of Abrams and Weakley
Call for an appointment (717) 909-1175

3963 N. 6th Street (Rear)
Harrisburg, PA 17110

"Pulling into the parking lot, the first thing I see is the adorable neon red open sign with the little ears! Right then a smile comes across my face! I had the pleasure of helping at the shop one day during the summer. I saw first hand how all the customers are treated just like family! Every customer is helped by Kris, Becky, or Erin with the same care they would take in purchasing things for their own pets! The atmosphere is welcoming, the merchandise the best and Abrams and Weakley carries everything, including brands that pet mega-stores do not have in stock. A&W is a little asis in the four-legged family world. It is about caring for our pets like they ARE our family. When you walk out the door with your food, toys, treats, you feel like you are doing the best for someone you love, someone who depends on you and the expert staff at A&W to make the best choices for their lives."
-Stacy Slatington, PA

Abrams & weakley
general store for animals

3963 N. 6th Street (Rear)
Harrisburg, PA 17110
T. (717) 232-3963